Ever since watching the movie High Fidelity, I've developed a penchant for making Top 5 lists.  I have also come to the conclusion that my lists only apply to my here and now so if I list my favorite albums or artists of all-time, they are only valid as of right now.  Also, when I use the word best I mean in in the sense that regardless of complete stupidity or extreme artistical merit, the item has overwhelmingly endeared itself to me and I just plain love it.  For items in series, I will include them all in one item unless otherwise noted. They are also not going to be in any kind of order.  All that junk said, here's my first list:


Top 5 Albums

Grace (Jeff Buckley), O (Damien Rice), Black Holes and Revelations (Muse), OK Computer (Radiohead), Light Grenades (Incubus).


Top 5 Movies

Good Will Hunting, The Lord of The Rings, Star Wars (only the originals), Wonder Boys, High Fidelity.


Top 5 RPG's

Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Oblivion, Gothic, Neverwinter Nights.