I wrote this song at a time in my life when I was a bit bummed out.  This is another one of those songs where I got a picture in my head and I just had to score it.  Picture a stormy, dark landscape with a woman in a white dress standing at a split road, a light somewhere far off in the distance.  I kind of left the ending open to the listener's interpretation.  I pulled the title from an Ayn Rand book I was reading at the time because it seemed very appropriate--at the time.  I'm not sure if the association stands up long-term, though, so I may retitle.  Until then, though, the title stands.  By the way, this song is the first one I recorded where I unwittingly found out how effective stereo mixing is.  Sure, it was shoddily recorded, but if you listen to the vocal pile-up towards the end, I think the effect is really cool.  I was just trying to find a way to make the voices not all blend entirely together and when I was splitting them, I really found out how much more depth it gives a piece.  So, in a little weird way, this was kind of a landmark piece for me.



I wrote this song after a particularly  painful breakup and you just might be able to sense some bitterness in this song.  This is the first recording where I really started trying to fool around with vocal layers.  I rather like the effect.  This one was recorded way back on 11-26-2003.  It's called Live Your Lies.  I will eventually re-record this as a big, massive over the top song.  That's how I originally envisioned it.



I wrote this song about someone very special to me.  I haven't really played this one in a long time, but after giving it a listen, I kind of miss playing it and I think I might have to bring it back into the repertoire.  I recorded this on 11-30-2003.  Man, I really need to make some new recordings of these songs.  I've got some better mics and hopefully my voice and guitar playing have improved since then.  Hopefully it's still interesting to hear what these songs sounded like way back when, though.  This one's called Broken Sky.



I'm adding another song here.  This one is just acoustic.  I wrote this song a long time ago and it's rather schmaltzy, but I kind of like how my vocals turned out on it.  In a fit of lunacy I once submitted the lyrics of this song to a poetry publication and was summarily rejected.  I guess I can't say that I really blame them.  But it is kind of pretty and the lyrics at least are very honest. Anyhow, I recorded this on 11-30-2003.  I'm not sure if I'll ever revisit this song or not, but I might play it acoustically again at some point.  It's called Ellusion.  Have at.



My bro Will told me that there was nothing on my website, so I decided to toss up some content.  I'm gonna try to keep updating this site as often and as fast as I can.  I'm going to try and see what happens if just put up anything that I've been working on and hope that you guys will give me feedback, or just comments or you know, whatever.  This track I recorded way back in 1-16-2007.After jamming with a buddy of mine, I've actually changed up the rhythm, so here's what Free used to sound like.  Hey, this is my first track posted ever!