This is a great site for discovering new music.  You create channels of music type or artists and it just plays the music.  The site then runs an algorithm and finds music it thinks you will like next.  You either thumbs up or thumbs down music and it then tries to find a better match for ya.  Use it as either a streaming radio site and/or new music finder.  It also provides links to Amazon or itunes to purchase.  note:  I must recommend Amazon because they have no DRM and don't use a stupid proprietary music format that only ipods can play.  Mac, what is this crap?  Please boycott Macs until they stop trying to put a chokehold on music.


Depths of Peril is a great Indie game that I've been playing for a while now.  It's like Diablo while simultaneously being a strategy game.  Support indie gamers!  I've also just started modding for it, too, so I'm posting those files here:

TK's Kivi's Underworld Mods

Extinction FIST Audio
Zombie Driver Logo
Grim Demo
Grim Demo2
Olf Demo

torikamal grim board1collapse2
torikamal grim possessed you
torikamal grim jump
torikamal grim pain