Tori Kamal

This is my main blog site.  Here I expound upon whatever happens to be running through my mind at the time, or encounters I have in the exterior environment.


TKs Top Fives

Being much enamored of the movie High Fidelity, I have set upon myself to compile as many lists as I can think of concerning my preferences and opinions confined to a list of the most divine number of five.


Ocean Over

This is the band I'm in and it details all of our travails, exploits, detours and shortcuts.


TKs Games

Here I review and rate games that I am currently or have played.  I try to break them down into pros and cons and provide some screenshots as I progress through the games.  I will also attempt to do a follow up review after the game has been completed for some time, to see what kind of long-term effect it had on me as well as if a major patch is released.


TKs Tweaks

I'm always thinking of random stuff and coming up with weird ideas and such.  I figured I'd post some of them in the small chance that they might have an effect on somebody or even the world. (perhaps rather unlikely, but I am an optimist)